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Welcome to USA Renegade Mafia website !We are PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 battlefield clan.We plan on branching out to other games.USA Renegade Mafia is ran my Spenceman79 & imkrispykreme24 if you have and questions please message us,Thanks for viewing USA Renegade Mafia website!
Call Of Duty Clan
3rd Aug 2014 · GOC imKrispyKreme24 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

The COD Ghost Clan is now up and running Sadly we had to make a new webpage for it but thats okay heres the link to the website if anyone wishes to apply add imkrispykreme24

Ranks UARM
28th Jul 2014 · GOC Spenceman79 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

UARM = USA Renegade Mafia  Rank system 
General of Clan  = GOC 

Vice Admire  = VADM

Lieutenant  = LT

Gunnery  Sergeant  = GySgt

Sergeant = Sgt

Soldier ( level 11 - 20 )

Recruit   ( level 1 - 10 )

28th Jul 2014 · GOC imKrispyKreme24 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

We will be posting the ranks up here soon.there are right now 8 ranks in the clan this is a new clan so stay tuned for more info

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